Dirk Hilyard is a fan of all sports, but he’s particularly a fan of athletes who set the proper example for the next generation. In one of the greatest examples in recent history, Giannis Antekounmpo has come out and said that he does not want to be asked questions about his MVP season last year. The proud 2018-2019 NBA MVP has set his sights on next season. More focused on the team and their inability to hoist the NBA championship trophy, Giannis has asked all journalists to judge him on the upcoming season and stop talking about the past.

Dirk Hilyard believes that most of the athletes of today are more focused on “Me” then they are on “team.” In a media environment that celebrates social media followers, shoe deals, and monetary status, Anteokounmpo shows the next generation that some things are more important that an individual’s status. Dirk Hilyard uses Giannis as an example to students he has coached in soccer and other sports. The truth is every athlete has an obligation to play for the name on the front of his jersey as opposed to the name on the back.